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Cultural Production in the Digital Age

CMCI and Digital Humanities lecturer Dr Tim Jordan is part of an international research network meeting to develop a new research agenda on cultural production in the Digital Age. Researchers who work on social networks, hacking, online gaming, journalism, cultural production and more are meeting at Cornell University, New York State, USA to discuss the effect of online digital production on culture. Each participant was asked to answer three questions in the run-up to the first meeting (happening March 19th-21st)

Question 1: What one insight from your field, approach, method, findings etc. do you think is most important for scholars working in this topical area?

Question 2: What are two issues that are not adequately treated within current work on cultural production in the digital age in your field or in others?

Question 3: Are humanistic values such as justice, equality, democracy or (insert preferred humanistic value here) currently served by cultural production in a digital networked environment?

Tim’s responses as well as responses from others attending the meeting can be found here:

Respondents include, Professor Nick Couldry Goldsmiths College, Dr Jon Banks, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, Professor Zizi Papachrissi, Communications, University of Illinois-Chicago, and others and they set out an interesting beginning for a new analysis of cultural production. and the digital age.


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