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Economy and Space: The cultural industries

Andy Pratt has a new book chapter published in The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography, edited by Andrew Leyshon, Roger Lee, Linda McDowell and Peter Sunley see:

The book is a major statement of the state of the art in the field of economy and space. It asks what difference does it make to think about the economy in geographical terms? The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography illustrates the significance of thinking the ‘economy’ and the ‘economic’ geographically. It identifies significant stages in the discipline’s development, and focuses on the key themes and ideas that inform present thinking in economic geography. Andy’s chapter is in the section on Geographies of consumption and services: formal and informal spaces of consumption; the culture industries; performance, and it focuses upon the analysis of the cultural industries.

The full reference is Pratt, A. C. 2011. “An economic geography of the cultural industries.” Pp. 323-338 in The SAGE Compendium of Economic Geography, edited by A. Leyshon, L. McDowell, and R. Lee. London: Sage.


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