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CMCI at the Vancouver International Film Festival

Professor Rosalind Gill gave the opening keynote address to Women in View’s SEXMEDIAMONEY conference last month – attended by film-makers, academics, policy-makers and festival goers. Rosalind’s speech, entitled Unveiling the New Normal, examined the persistence of inequalities in the film and media industries, discussing the latest research from Skillset, Women in Film and Television, The Geena Davis Institute and the 2010 report on ‘The Celluloid Ceiling’. In the year in which a woman won a Best Director Oscar (Academy Award) for the first time – Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker – the numbers of women working as producers, directors, screenwriters and cinematographers has actually fallen, not increased. Drawing on her extensive research about the dynamics of discrimination Professor Gill highlighted the extent to which gender inequalities are becoming ‘unmanageable’ and ‘unspeakable’, even while they are getting worse. Despite the pessimistic and critical slant of her talk, attendees described it as ‘inspiring’, and it received extensive coverage in the Canadian media:

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