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New Journal, new paper

Andy is pleased to announce the publication of a new article, in a new journal: City, Culture and Society. Copies can be downloaded from this web site. The article is entitled “Creative cities: Tensions within and between social, cultural and economic development. A critical reading of the UK experience.” City, Culture and Society 1:13-20. The abstract says that “This article offers a situated and pragmatic analysis of the state of the art of creative cities policy thinking regarding the governance of the relationship between the cultural and creative economy and urbanization. It argues for the need to pay attention to the context, history and regulatory forms of creative cities and be very cautious in our desire to draw wider lessons based upon policy transfer. The paper examines the UK case as illustrative of the organic and fractured nature of policy initiatives: and, advises against a single policy model. There are many instrumental uses to which creative city polices can be put; and critically, there are a number of intrinsic uses as well. This paper, and the literature more generally, supports the view that the balance of attention has been toward instrumental uses of culture and creativity. It is argued that we need to re-balance policy and academic concern to the intrinsic value of the cultural and creative field.”

City, Culture and Society (CSS) is a major new international peer review journal published by Elsevier, that is included in the Scopus bibliographic database. Andy is on the editorial board of CSS and has another paper in press in a forthcoming issue about Tate Modern and regeneration strategies. Andy is also giving a paper at the CSS international symposium to be held in Osaka in December 2010 where a range of key international urban cultural authors will be giving papers on the theme :’Towards the Century of Cities’ Urban Regeneration through Cultural Creativeness and Social Inclusion’.


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