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‘Ellington’s America’ Resonates in London

Tomorrow, Friday 3 September at 2:00PM, CMCI Lecturer Dr. Harvey G. Cohen will be discussing his new book Duke Ellington’s America (University of Chicago Press) live on Carole Chant’s Sound Out programme on Resonance FM Radio 104.4 here in London, and on their website. The programme will not be archived, so if you want to listen, you need to hear it while it’s happening. Cohen will be choosing music for the broadcast, including one of Ellington’s mid-1950s collaborations with gospel legend Mahalia Jackson from Black Brown, and Beige, Ellington’s programmatic portrait of African American history. The song, Come Sunday, according to Cohen, “is one of the best tracks Ellington ever committed to tape, an extended, emotionally moving performance that saw several musicians in the band play with tears in their eyes in the recording studio.” Handkerchiefs or Kleenex will not be provided by Dr. Cohen or Resonance FM during the show.

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