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Rude Britannia

Lost in CCI was delighted to find a CMCI connection with Tate Britain’s current “Rude Britannia” exhibition.

There’s a room within the exhibit called the Sitting Room, and it features the display of various books about comic culture, visual culture, and the history of humour in Britain. The display is full of old 1950s furniture in which visitors can sit while they read the books and enjoy the rude cartoons.

On one of the tables of the exhibit our reporter found Dr Richard Howells’ Visual Culture, prominently displayed in the middle of the Tate.

We know that Dr Howells’ book is not especially rude (if one overlooks plate 16), but are delighted to see it as part of Tate’s recommended reading to the public.

Visual Culture was first published in 2003 and has been reprinted every year since, including 2010.

“Rude Britannia: British Comic Art” continues at Tate Britain until September 5th.

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