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Prof.Dr. Leilei Li

The Centre for Culture, Media and Creative Industries has been hosting the research visit of Prof.Dr. Leilei Li, College of Mass Communication, Shenzhen University (December 2009-July 2010). Sadly she has now returned to Shenzhen. Prof. Li has been working with Andy Pratt developing ideas about researching and teaching the cultural and creative industries. Amongst other projects Prof Li has been developing is a project for the National Science Foundation of China on the topic of the geographical organization of project networks in cultural and creative industries; this is a project that relates closely to Andy’s own research studies (see, for example, the collaborative project Andy has on Cultural Clusters in Shanghai)

Prof. Li has presenting her work to staff in seminars. She has also presented her research to an international seminar on computer games in Asia organised Dr Hye Kyung Lee at CMCI. Andy has also been pleased to collaborate with Prof Li developing her ideas in a paper just published in the Shenzhen Blue Book on Culture:
Li, L. and Pratt, A. C. 2010: Europe developing its cultural industry on the basis of originality and innovation and its knolwdege transference to China. Blue Book on Culture in Shenzhen, 2010. Shenzhen. (351-367 p).

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