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Radio Days and the Page 99 Test for “Ellington’s America”

CMCI Lecturer Dr. Harvey G. Cohen‘s new book Duke Ellington’s America (University of Chicago Press) has been appearing on the airwaves lately and on one literary website. For more info, read on…

Cohen has a one-hour guest slot discussing his book on the latest edition of the Radio Open Source programme. Some Ellington music will be featured as well. The show airs on Public Radio International radio stations in the US, and has lately featured authors such as David Remnick, Michael Lewis, and Robin Kelley. Here’s the URL.

On Sunday morning, Cohen guested on the Lesley Joseph programme on BBC Radio London for a 20-minute segment from 2:01:00 to 2:21:30, it’s available on the BBC iPlayer until this Saturday at midnight at this address.

Next week, Cohen will be a guest commenter on a BBC Radio 4 documentary entitled Jazz In The Open Air, which chronicles the history of famous jazz shows played outdoors, including Duke Ellington’s legendary 1956 appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival. The programme is hosted by Kevin LeGendre and you can hear the show live on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 13 July at 1:30PM and on Saturday 17 July at 3:30PM (all times are London time). After that, it will be available on the BBC iPlayer for a week at this address.

Duke Ellington’s America is also featured on The Page 99 Test website. This site attempts to test the accuracy of the author Ford Madox Ford’s statement: “open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.” In a short essay, Cohen writes about and quotes from page 99 of Duke Ellington’s America.

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