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Ros Gill awarded International Gender and Language Association Prize

Professor Rosalind Gill in the Centre for Culture, Media and Creative Industries Research has just been awarded the International Gender and Language Association’s 2010 prize for her book Gender and the Media (Polity Press). This is a a bi-annual prize that recognises ‘the most outstanding scholarship on gender, language and communication’. It will be awarded in September at the Association’s conference in Tokyo. Professor Gill said: ‘I am delighted and very honoured to have won this award and would like to thank the judging panel and my publishers, who nominated me. The book tries to make sense of the distinctive features of the postfeminist media culture we are currently inhabiting. I’m just about to start work on the second edition so this is excellent news’.
The publisher’s website can be found here. You will find a description of the book and selected reviews.

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