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Global and World Cities lecture

Andy delivered the 12th annual Global and World Cities (GaWC) lecture on 28th April entitled ‘Global Cities and the Creative Economy’. Previous annual lectures have been delivered by well known speakers such as Prof Saskia Sassen and Prof Sir Peter Hall.

Andy’s lecture highlighted the lack of attention that global city researchers had paid to the role of the cultural economy. He also suggested that new analytical tools might be required to fully understand the particular form and activity of the cultural economy in cites. Andy illustrated his lecture with examples from the world music industry (Paris), the advertising industry (New York), and the film special effects industry (London). A copy of the presentation will be available on the GaWC website shortly; and, a version of it is forthcoming in a special edited book on the current research frontiers of global city research.

The Globalisation and World City Research Centre, based in the Geography Department at Loughborough University also hosted an international workshop for young researchers and postgraduates on the creative economy and the city.


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