Independent Cultural Production in South Africa

CMCI teaching fellow, Dr Mehita Iqani, is chairing a research seminar entitled ‘Independent Cultural Production in South Africa: Perspectives on “Doing it Yourself”‘, which examines the following questions:

What is it that motivates creative people to ignore the global culture industries and manifest their work on their own terms and in their own way? How and why do cultural workers choose to “do it themselves”, rather than break into an established creative industry? Arguably, independent creative expression has been on the rise since the turn of the millennium, with more online and offline zines/artworks and new plays/films/creative forums produced than ever before. This has certainly been the case in South Africa. This research seminar brings together three South African independent cultural producers, working in very different areas yet united by their choice to “DIY”. Each will show and/or discuss their work and reflect on their motivations for taking an independent approach to creating culture, as well as the challenges and opportunities that they have experienced along the way.

For details of when and where, visit our web page.


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