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Artful Intervention at CMCI

CMCI recently played host to two of the pioneers in arts-based interventions in business, at a workshop organised by Dr Nick Wilson.  

Alastair Creamer and Ollie Lloyd began working together at Unilever UK in 1999 creating and leading the award-winning ‘Catalyst’ project.  Having set up their own creative consultancy ‘Creamer and Lloyd’ in 2006, they now act as ‘navigators’ and ‘translators’ between the worlds of business and the arts. 

At the workshop, Alastair and Ollie shared insights, stories, songs and even smells (Narciso Rodriguez for her, to be exact) with students on the MA programme.  Amongst the many examples given, the audience learned how the process of casting actors can help to re-evaluate recruitment of new staff; how art historians can help marketers to judge creative work; how our understanding of sound (the forgotten sense) can help develop holistic branding; how the skills of the conductor can be studied to help better lead a team; and how the process of a theatre rehearsal can teach us to give and receive better feedback.  

As Alastair commented, arts organisations can no longer rely on sponsorship deals, and are increasingly looking to maximise revenue through other means.  Looking to the skills and competencies of the artists themselves is a logical first step.  Providing artists and business are well-matched, the shared journey of exploration can be extremely positive for all those involved.


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