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CMCI’s new professor Andy Pratt is certainly keeping both busy and productive: he reports two more publications and a keynote conference paper.

The publications are Pratt, A.C. (2009) “Cultural Economy” in R. Kitchen and N. Thrift (eds.), International Encylopedia of Human Geography, Volume 2, Elsevier, Oxford, pp 407-10. Pratt, A. C. (2009) “Critical Realism/Critical Realist Geographies” in R .Kitchin and N. Thrift (eds.), International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Volume 2, Elsevier, Oxford, pp. 379-84.

As for the conference, Andy gave a keynote paper in Leipzig at an International Conference on “Creative Industries – Governance der Metropolregion” im Rathaus der Stadt Leipzig. You can check conference website

Andy’s paper was entitled “The governance of the cultural and creative industries: challenges for theory and practice”. The paper discussed the challenges that face the both the creative industries, and policy makers who wish to influence the creative industries, in the coming years. It contrasted old approaches and assumptions, and already existing policy making.

Next, the paper highlighted a number of transformations in the creative industries, as well as stressing the contrast between the old and new assumptions of cultural policy-making and those of the new creative economy. In sum, the paper argued that there is a new agenda for creative industry policy-making that will require new skills, information and analysis. The future of the creative industries should be based upon a foundation of new forms of policy making, and governance, within, across and out with the boundaries of creative economy.

An earlier version of the paper can be found in an edited book Governance der Kreativwirtschaft

Andy has been pioneering this debate: some earlier formulations can be found here:

Pratt, A.C. (2007) “The state of the cultural economy: the rise of the cultural economy and the challenges to cultural policy making” in A. Ribeiro (ed.), The Urgency of Theory, Carcanet Press/Gulbenkin Foundation, Manchester, 166-90.
Pratt, A.C. (2005) “Cultural industries and public policy: An oxymoron?” International Journal of Cultural Policy 11, 31-44.
Jeffcutt, P. and A.C. Pratt (2002) “Managing Creativity in the Cultural Industries.” Creativity and Innovation Management 11, 225-33.

The issues have been taken up by policy makers and these topics are at the heart of contemporary debates in both German and Austrian policy making in relation to the cultural and creative industries.


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