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Andy’s Swiss Role

logo[3]CMCI’s Professor Andy Pratt is recently back from Geneva, where he was attending an expert meeting on “Developing guidelines to assess the economic, social and cultural impact of intellectual property in the creative industries” at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (an agency of the United Nations). It is hoped that this group will develop means to evaluate the impact of copyright on the creative industries, and to consider the variable impacts across different regions and nation states.

Andy played a major role in writing the UNESCO’s “Framework for cultural statistics” which as formally adopted by UNESCO earlier this year. Raymond Williams famously said that culture was one of the most difficult words in the English language; so, a definition is no mean feat! Andy also played a significant role in drafting UNCTAD‘s 2008 “Creative Economy” report which sought to create a benchmark for policy and debate about the cultural economy in both the developed and developing world.


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