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CMCI joined with the National Media Museum to present “MediaFest”, which concentrated on the role of women in today’s media. The event as hosted by Professor Ros Gill, and also attended by our Media Liaison Officer, Fernanda Fain-Binda.

Fernanda reports a “stirring and provocative” key note speech from Emily Bell of the Guardian, who argued that changes in the media create more opportunities for women by breaking down institutional frameworks created by men.

This change was contrasted with the current state of women’s representation within the film industry, as Rachel Millward, CEO of Birds Eye View pointed out that statistically, the artistic and financial side of the movie business were still very much part of the old boys’ network.

Professor Gill’s presentation on her research of working conditions in the digital media industries had heads nodding across the conference.

Finally, a critique of Lady Gaga was made in the analysis on sexualised imagery, but Fernanda was quick to come to her defense!

Podcasts on the event will be available from the NMM shortly.

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