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New Book from CMCI Director

Lost in CCI is delighted to report the publication of centre director Dr Richard Howells’ latest book: Using Visual Evidence. It’s just out from the Open University Press in the UK and McGraw Hill in the United States.

Using Visual Evidence is a collection of specially commissioned essays from scholars around the world. It seeks to persuade historians, social scientists and humanities researchers that the visual image is not simply an illustration of the written word. Often, it is the text itself and so should not always be relegated to a supporting role in academic analysis.

The specialist chapters focus on painting, cartoons, photography, photography, television, film and advertising, and the contributors come from the UK, the USA, Canada and France. Institutions represented include Brown, the Sorbonne, Duke, The British Library and (of course) King’s.

Richard’s co-editor is Professor Robert Matson, a historian from the University of Pittsburgh. The idea for the book was cooked up together while Richard was Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Arts in Society at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania. In addition to organising the contributions, Howells and Matson have also written the introduction. Full details can be found at:

MA CCI students -especially those taking Visual Culture or writing dissertations on visual media might find it particularly useful. The argument that visual evidence helps us understand not only the past but also the present day remains close to the authors’ hearts.


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