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Opera on Screen


Former MA CCI student Allison Burr (2007-8), together with Claire Price of Arts Alliance Media, will return to give a talk at King’s on 20 January about the new phenomenon of opera and other arts being relayed into digital cinema.

The convergence between opera and cinema will be explored from historical, artistic and business perspectives, and the speakers will also analyse new business models and approaches being adopted by key opera houses, including pricing policies and marketing strategies. The Royal Opera House will be used as a case study.

Arts Alliance Media’s project on opera in cinema will be introduced, including an explanation of how technology developments have pioneered the possibilities of screening live and recorded alternative content in cinemas. The company’s partnerships with the Royal Opera House and other content owners will also be discussed. There will also be a Q&A and the opportunity to view trailers of Royal Opera House cinema events.

All are welcome.

Venue: Room S-2.23, Strand Building, King’s College London
Time: 4.00-5.30pm, Tuesday 20 January

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