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All In the Family

PhD student Joaquim Negreiros already has a busy spring 2009 lined up. First off, he’ll be speaking at the 1st Global Conference: Ethics in Everyday Life in Salzburg, Austria from 17-19 March. His topic will be: “The ‘super-ethical mum’: discursive instability in a mass mediated representation of the ethical dimension of motherhood”.

Then the following month he’ll be presenting another paper at The British Sociological Association 2009 Annual Conference, 17-18 April, to be held in Cardiff. This time his topic will be: “‘What I’ve learned from other people’s marriages’: ambiguity and complexity in mass mediated representations of family life”.

Both papers have been developped from Joaquim’s doctoral research on reperesentions of family life in British lifestyle magazines. Before starting his PhD, Joaquim was a journalist on a leading newspaper in his native Portugal. Here at the Centre for Cultural Media and Creative Industries Research he is supervised by Dr Richard Howells. There’s more about Joaquim and some of our other PhD students at


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