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The Quantum of Security

Centre director Dr Richard Howells was a guest at the cast and crew preview screening of the new James Bond movie “The Quantum of Solace”. This took place before the UK release and even in advance of the Royal Premiere with Princes William and Harry.

Director Marc Forster appeared on stage to congratulate everyone on their work before the lights went down for the main feature.

Richard won’t be reviewing the film before the official opening, but has let slip that this is a very dark picture –and very different from the typical Bond outing. But in addition to the film itself, he was fascinated by the strict security arrangements in place. In a bid to prevent (or at least delay) video piracy, no-one was allowed to take in so much as a mobile phone, while everyone was electronically “frisked” with airport-style metal detectors as they entered. Even inside the auditorium, cast, crew and guests were kept under surveillance by security staff on the lookout for illegal recording devices. For Richard, it all added to the excitement –while at the same time providing a telling reminder of the economics of film distribution in the digital age.

Oh- and if you are wondering how he got in himself, Richard’s wife Sarah worked on the costumes on location in Bregenz, Austria. Look for the scene at the opera.


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