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Accommodation spot

It’s September, and a new company of MA CCI students is waiting in the wings, ready to start the course. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Meanwhile, we’ve heard that there may be readers out there who are still looking for a place to stay here in London.

So this post is for anyone who wants to team up with other future classmates and with a view to finding a place together. You can use the comments box below to leave your details: name, email address, and any information about what kind of people or what kind of place you’re looking for. (Disclaimer: personal details are left at the user’s own risk.)

Good luck!

PS a current MA CCI student points out that “the University of London accommodation website has a useful message board for finding a room, and that gumtree and moveflat.com are also good resources”.


4 thoughts on “Accommodation spot”

  1. Looking for a flat in central London (zone 1-2) for max. £500/month. I’m half swiss half austrian and already live a year in London. I still have a room in Angel, in a very central but quite street in the middle of king’s cross and angel station, which is going to be available. So I have to give and want to have. For further information contact me by email. I’m looking for a new place with some niiiice flatmates who want to have some fun next to the “hard” study. I’m looking for outgoing, communicative people who need their peace and silence for study as well as their “space” to have some fun and want to absorb the richness of the great city of London.


  2. dear Fabian, give us some more details on your Angel room (price, square metres, furniture, number of flatmates etc)
    I’m Greek, female, non-smoker,24years,kung-fu master, tv-sales expert and rock’n’roll icon. Arriving at London around Sept20. Looking for a room at zone 1 and at some reasonable price.
    contact: dsvardali@gmail.com


  3. Hello I am an international student about to start the CCI on Monday. I am still looking for a place to live and if anyone is in the same position and wants to find a flatmate please contact me at 07786476575 or at my email address at jkluger84@gmail.com.


  4. Hi Jonathan…As you can see above I’m looking for the same as you do. I’m going to be in London on the 20th. So I might give you a call and we could discuss how to find a reasonable flat in central London, which is pretty much an impossibility.
    Alright. Well my place in angel is in a very quite street just in the middle between kings cross and angel station. It costs about £600. The room is quite big for London (don’t know exact sqm. but I would guess between 16 and 20 sqm.), there is also a kitchen and bathroom all of the same size. You would need to share the flat with my flatmate, who’s a bartender who has a room of the same size. there would be a bed, a cupboard for clothes and maybe a table in the room. all the kitchen and bathroom stuff is fully equipped.


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