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Goodbye, Dr Battista

We’re saying adieu and indeed farewell this month to Kathy Battista, known to many former MA CCI students as the course tutor for Tate Modern: Inside Today’s Museum. Kathy’s leaving the Smoke and moving to the Big Apple this summer, having been appointed as as Director of the MA Contemporary Art programme at Sotheby’s Institute, New York.

Kathy gave us some valedictory words: “I’ve taught at many institutions and the CCI team is among the most organised and amenable that I’ve worked with. I’ll greatly miss being part of the faculty and I hope that we can continue to collaborate in the future.”

We definitely echo that – and meanwhile, Kathy, on behalf of your former students as well as staff at King’s, Lost in CCI would like to congratulate you on your new job, and thank your for all your inspiring and dedicated teaching on the CCI programme. Good luck and have a great time in NY!


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