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Inside tomorrow’s museum

Lost in CCI was at Tate Modern this afternoon, taking a good look at Transforming Tate Modern, a set of plans for the expansion of the museum and the broader development of the South Bank into ‘London’s cultural quarter’. We’d been invited by Tate’s Interpretation and Education department, whom we’ve partnered with over the last few years on the course Tate Modern: Inside Today’s Museum, which is available as a module to MA CCI students. If today’s presentation is anything to go by, next year’s students will have plenty of issues to think about in relation to the further growth of the museum. What should the new spaces at Tate Modern be used for? How does an international art museum build and maintain links with its local community? What role will the musuem play in the establishment of the ‘cultural quarter’? How does this relate the 2012 Olympics? And, last but not least, what do you think of the plans for the new building?

tate modern 2


2 thoughts on “Inside tomorrow’s museum”

  1. i think Herzog must be out of his mind these last few years… i don’t know were architecture is going, but this is not the way. flashy architecture serves nobody but the magazines, is that what we want for our buildings, our cities? mvrdv, oma, and all the burows that do this kind of architecture are making buildings without souls, just like empty, futile, dressed up girls…


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