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American independents

From 1st to 7th June 2007 a selection of award-winning US films will be shown in the heart of central London at the Declaration of Independence Film Festival – with the help of former CCI student Chloe Preece (MA CCI, 2005-6), who is Festival Assistant Producer, and current CCI students Marianna Kaplatzi and Ying Xiong, working as volunteers.

Films showing at the festival include a crime drama short on the streets of Detriot for a micro budget of $541 (The Death of Michael Smith); the first independently-produced carbon neutral film (Sweet Land); and the screenwriting debut of Generation X author Douglas Coupland (Everything’s Gone Green).

Chloe wrote to us: “I especially recommend Before the Music Dies for you music fans!”

The festival is taking place in Bloomsbury at the Renoir Cinema and the nearby alternative arts venue, the Horse Hospital. More details at

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