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Titanic study day

Our own Dr Richard Howells, author of The Myth of the Titanic, will be appearing at a Titanic Study at the National Maritime Museum on Saturday 28 April.

“This Saturday (April 28th), the National Maritime Museum will be marking the 95th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic with a study day on the disaster. Sessions include talks on the history, myth and films of the Titanic, together with the study of manuscripts from the museum archive. While on the one hand this is certainly a day about the Titanic (which may nor may not fascinate everybody), it will also be very useful for broader, research and methodological ideas, including the uses of archives and popular culture, together with notions of culture, history and historicity. This could all be very useful for people starting to work on their dissertations -or thinking about applying for Doctoral study. I’ll be giving an illustrated lecture on The Myth of the Titanic. For those who don’t already know it, the National Maritime Museum is at Greenwich, along the Thames to the East of London. You can get there easily by public transport -including by boat! Tickets are £25/£20 for the day. Further details and booking information here.”


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